about us

Welcome at the web site of oliCORP Consulting s.r.o. We are a company providing accounting and tax advisory services with all respect to complexity and range of clients needs. Since we are present in Slovak as well as Czech republic, clients with business activities spread in both republics do appreciate our services. Through international cooperation we seek to be at hand to the clients expecting opportunities arriving with the entrance of Slovakia in EU.

Our mission is to deliver services and professional advises in such a way, that our clients may fully devote themselves to their core business. Along with the quality and responsibility delivered with accounting services we try to transfer our experience with analysis and interpretation of accounting outputs. This way we facilitate information flow and create space for effective decision-making. We try hard to provide more than just obligatory inputs for our client's balance sheet and income statement.

We provide our services based on the requirements of our client and process submitted documents in our office or at our client's site. For more details about our services follow the menu.